Wild Food from the North


We are on a mission to bring the flavours of nature to everyone’s table

Polarica Group is Europe’s leading supplier of wild food – berries, mushrooms and game. The company’s story dates back to 1972 when Polarica AB started business operations in Haparanda, Swedish Lapland. Over the years, the company has grown into an international group but its roots are firmly in the north: the headquarters remain in Haparanda, close to the source of our raw materials.

Why go wild with Polarica?

Healthy, flavoursome and ethically produced , wild food has become more and more appealing  to the modern conscious consumer. However, wild food is not an easy business: natural conditions vary from year to year, and operations take place in remote and vulnerable communities.

The way wild food companies treat the nature and their stakeholders has a direct effect on their operating conditions now and in the future. Taking the various aspects of responsibility into consideration is a precondition for Polarica’s success and has a key role in its strategy. Polarica’s objective is to minimise its environmental load, and to promote wellbeing in our operating environment and to work closely together with  our stakeholders. With respect to reindeer meat production and animal welfare, reindeer owners and herding districts are very important stakeholders.

Consumers are increasingly interested in social responsibility. The way Thai berry pickers are treated and the transparency of operations have received a lot of public attention. Polarica is the first company in the berry industry to implement the ISO 26000. We want to be an industry leader in social responsibility, and aim to continuously improve our operations and increase transparency.

Quality products with respect to nature

In everything it does, Polarica Group aims to ensure that its products are safe, of high quality, and meet customer expectations. Consumers value pure Nordic berries and are increasingly well informed and demanding regarding the origins of their food. Polarica’s production control and reporting systems across the entire supply chain ensure traceability from raw materials to finished materials.

Polarica offers organic products to consumers, for instance Krav certified berries in Sweden. Krav certification is built around organic production, but the factors taken into consideration also include social responsibility and environmental impacts. In addition to berries, Polarica’s Krav-labelled products include, for example, chanterelle.