Polarica’s Social responsibility audit


Polarica Oy Social responsibility audit against ISO 26000 guidelines

The goal of this audit was to evaluate how Polarica Oy covers the requirements of the ISO 26000 standard. The main focus was on the responsibility issues towards the berry pickers, that Polarica Oy has invited to Finland.

The audit took place from 29th to 31st August 2016. Staff interview was held in Rovaniemi at the company headquarters and the evaluation of the berry pickers living conditions at the sites in Aavasaksa, Meltaus, Pello, Kemijärvi and Leväranta. The responsibility of Polarica Oy was evaluated by reviewing the documents of their responsibility issues and by interviewing staff and coordinator as well as the camp leaders on sites.


It can be said that Polarica Oy has strong evidence of acknowledging the main issues on its responsibility evaluated against the ISO 26000 standard guidelines. Because of the company’s commitment to social responsibility and sustainable development, they are obliged to maintain a sustained evaluating practice, further invest in education , improve internal communications, recognize interest groups expectations and systematize the management proses relating to responsibility matters.